eBay Fees

We Accept items with a Minimum eBay Value of $50

For Our Standard eBay Service, Our Fees are:

35% of the First $500
25% of the Next $500
15% on any amount over $1,000

Note: Minimum eBay Commission is $5.00, Whether Your Item Sells or is Unsold. Winning Bidders pay all shipping costs, so you are not responsible for shipping. All eBay listing fees, eBay Final Value Commission fees & a 3% Payment Processing Fee will be deducted from the final purchase/winning bid amount.

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Our Services

Our Standard eBay Listing Services include

-7 Day or 10 Day Auction with Minimum bid Set at $9.99
-Professional Photography
-Professional Description
-Keyword Research
-Managing Buyer Inquiries & Answering Questions
-Proper Storage of Your item(s) at our Secure Facilities
-Processing Customer Payment
-Packaging & Shipping item to Buyer
-Deducting Fees & Processing Payment to Consignor

Our Specialties
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